Pető Zsolt's meteor blog
Active showers (2018.10.20.)
Southern Taurids (STA)
Activity: 09.20. - 11.20.
Maximum: 10.10. (32°,0°)
ZHR: 5
v = 27 km/s
Epsilon Geminids (EGE)
Activity: 10.14. - 10.27.
Maximum: 10.18. (102°,27°)
ZHR: 3
v = 70 km/s
Orionids (ORI)
Activity: 10.02 - 11.07.
Maximum: 10.21. (95°,16°)
ZHR: 25
v = 66 km/s
Leo Minorids (LMI)
Activity: 10.19 - 10.27.
Maximum: 10.24. (159°,37°)
ZHR: 2
v = 62 km/s
Northern Taurids (NTA)
Activity: 09.20 - 12.10.
Maximum: 11.12. (58°,22°)
ZHR: 5
v = 29 km/s
Possible showers (2018.10.20.)
Delta Cygnids (DCY)
Maximum: 10.14. (295°,47°)
v = 14 km/s
October Eta Eridanids (OEE)
Maximum: 10.14. (46°,-10°)
v = 25 km/s
Northern October Delta Arietids (NOA)
Maximum: 10.15. (35°,20°)
v = 36 km/s
Sigma Arietids (SSA)
Maximum: 10.15. (48°,14°)
v = 41 km/s
October Ursae Maiorids (OCU)
Maximum: 10.15. (145°,65°)
v = 54 km/s
October Gamma Puppids (GPU)
Maximum: 10.16. (110°,-44°)
v = 39 km/s
October Leporids (OLP)
Maximum: 10.16. (82°,-14°)
v = 26 km/s
October Cygnids (OCG)
Maximum: 10.19. (318°,53°)
v = 17 km/s
Epsilon Geminids (EGE)
Maximum: 10.19. (102°,27°)
v = 69 km/s
October Monocerotids (OMO)
Maximum: 10.19. (102°,-1°)
v = 64 km/s
October Lyncids (OLY)
Maximum: 10.19. (111°,49°)
v = 65 km/s
October Gamma Cetids (OGC)
Maximum: 10.20. (50°,-7°)
v = 3 km/s
Nu Aurigids (NAU)
Maximum: 10.21. (88°,40°)
v = 53 km/s
October Ursae Minorids (OUI)
Maximum: 10.21. (247°,74°)
v = 31 km/s
Alpha Doradids (DOR)
Maximum: 10.21. (69°,-56°)
v = 20 km/s
Alpha Ursae Maioridák (AUM)
Maximum: 10.22. (175°,65°)
v = 36 km/s
October Iota Cassiopeids (ICS)
Maximum: 10.22. (37°,66°)
v = 66 km/s
Xi Draconidák (XDR)
Maximum: 10.24. (170°,73°)
v = 36 km/s
Eta Taurids (ETT)
Maximum: 10.24. (56°,24°)
v = 47 km/s
Meteor Photos
Number of meteors found: : 474
 m001-152015.08.08.23:24 UTCAPCapricornid in Andromeda
m065-132013.12.12.22:17:50 UTGEMBright geminid
m064-132013.11.08.22:04:35 UTNTABright NTA meteor!
m063-132013.11.02.03:30:56 UTNTANTA in Monoceros
m062-132013.10.17.21:41 UTSPOFireball in Taurus
m061-132013.09.08.02:41:10 UTSPO-1 magnitude SPO in Monoceros
m060-132013.09.08.02:17:47 UTSPOSPO in Tau
m059-132013.07.08.01:40:28 UTSPOSPO in Cetus
m058-132013.09.07.00:30:10 UTSPOSporadic in Aries
m057-132013.08.13.02:17:02 UTPERDawn Perseid in Taurus
 m056-132013.08.13.02:04 UTPERPerseid in Tau/Ori
 m055-132013.08.13.00:36 UTPERPerseid in Ari
 m054-132013.08.13.00:22 UTPER-3 magnitude Perseid
 m053-132013.08.13.00:11 UTPERPerseid near the radiant
 m052-132013.08.12.22:41 UTPERPerseid near Triangulum
 m051-132013.08.12.22:32 UTPERPerseid in UMi
 m050-132013.08.12.19:56 UTKCG?Nice SPO or KCG
 m049-132013.08.12.02:21 UTPERDawn Perseid fireball
 m048-132013.08.12.01:42 UTPERPerseid in Cetus
m047-132013.08.12.00:59:16 UTPERBeautiful Perseid fireball
 m046-132013.08.12.00:40 UTKCG-3 magnitude Kappa Cygnid!
 m045-132013.08.11.23:42 UTSPOSlow sporadic in Perseus
 m044-132013.08.11.21:51 UTPERPerseid in Peg
 m043-132013.08.11.02:00 UTPERMultiple flashing Perseid
 m042-132013.08.11.01:20 UTPER-3 magnitude Perseid
 m041-132013.08.09.01:14 UTERI?Eta Eridanid (ERI) in Cetus?
 m040-132013.08.09.00:53 UTPER-2 magnitude Perseid
m039-132013.08.08.00:04:26 UTPERBright Perseid in Perseus
 m038-132013.08.06.00:18:24 UTPERNice PER in Aries
 m037-132013.08.05.23:27 UTPERPER in Pegasus
 m036-132013.08.03.20:58 UTCAPCapricornid in Peg
m035-132013.08.03.00:03:40 UTCAPBrilliant Capricornid in Tau
m034-132013.08.02.20:08:34 UTCAPCAP in Pegasus
m033-132013.08.02.00:59 UTSDASDA in Cet
 m032-132013.08.02.00:40 UTPER-1 magnitude Perseid in Aries
m031-132013.08.01.23:38:58 UTSPOSPO in Andromeda
m030-132013.08.01.21:09:01 UTPER0 magnitude PER
 m029-132013.07.31.22:14 UTPEGPerseid in Peg
 m028-132013.07.31.22:07 UTSPOSporadic beside δ Peg
 m027-132013.07.30.21:26 UTSPO-2 magnitude sporadic
 m026-132013.07.27.21:59 UTCAPCapricornid in Oph
m025-132013.07.18.00:21:01 UTSPOSporadic beside β And
m024-132013.07.16.22:48:29 UTANTANT in Peg
m023-132013.07.14.21:34:46 UTSPOLong meteor in Aql/Ser
m022-132013.07.11.01:21:25 UTSPOSPO in Aries
m021-132013.07.04.23:30:00 UTSPOBright meteor in Peg
m020-132013.07.03.23:54:37 UTSPOSPO near β Psc
m019-132013.07.03.23:30:52 UTSPOSPO in Aquarius
 m018-132013.06.15.23:58 UT???From an interesting direction...
 m017-132013.05.15.23:41 UTSPOFlashing SPO beside θ Peg
m016-132013.06.11.22:01:59 UTSPOFlashing SPO in Cyg
m015-132013.06.11. 20:53:02 UTSPOSPO near constellation Lyr
m014-132013.05.28.20:17:16 UTSPOLong meteor in Her
m013-132013.05.15,20:56:04 UTSPOPart of a bright meteor
m012-132013.05.14.21:19:28 UTSPOShort SPO near δ Her
m011-132013.05.10.01:00:04 UTELYELY beside Delphinus
m010-132013.05.09.22:46:54 UTELYEta Lyrid near the radiant
m009-132013.05.09.01:41:03 UTETAETA near the Delphin
m008-132013.05.08.22:58:08 UTSPOSporadic in Sagitta
m007-132013.04.30.22:40:44 UTSPOSporadic beside ζ Her
m006-132013.04.21.21:39:23 UTLYRBright Lyrid near the radiant
m005-132013.04.18.01:51:54 UTSPOSporadic in Cyg
m004-132013.04.17.22:22:45 UTSPOSPO in Oph
m003-132013.03.22.01:44:27 UTSPOSPO in Aql/Ser
m002-132013.03.22.00:56:09 UTSPO0 mag SPO in Oph
m001-132013.03.20.00:46:43 UTSPOLong sporadic in Ser
 m4082012.12.14.04:19 UTGEMLong geminid through the clouds
 m4072012.12.14.01:54 UTGEMBright geminid in Leo
 m4062012.12.14.01:31 UTGEMAnother bright geminid
 m4052012.12.14.01:25 UTGEM-1 magnitude geminid
 m4042012.12.14.01:23 UTGEMGeminid fireball
 m4032012.12.14.00:58 UTGEM-2 magnitude geminid
 m4022012.12.14.00:50 UTGEMGeminid beside κ Leo
 m4012012.12.14.00:27 UTGEMGeminid beside η Leo
 m4002012.12.14.00:25 UTGEMGeminid with fisheye
 m3992012.12.14.00:11 UTGEMGeminid beside γ UMa
 m3982012.12.14.00:03 UTGEMGeminid in UMa
 m3972012.12.13.23:29 UTGEMGeminid in UMa
 m3962012.12.13.23:16 UTGEMGeminid in Draco
 m3952012.12.13.22:46 UTGEMBright fisheye geminid
 m3942012.12.13.21:45 UTGEMAnother fisheye geminid
 m3932012.12.13.21:07 UTGEMLong geminid to the zenith
m3922012.12.13.20:53 UTGEMAnother geminid fireball!
 m3912012.12.13.20:50 UTGEMGeminid near the radiant
m3902012.12.13.20:16 UTGEMGeminid fireball!!!
 m3892012.12.13.20:04 UTGEMNice geminid beside Jupiter
 m3882012.12.13.19:45 UTSPOSporadic in Orion
 m3872012.12.13.19:40 UTGEMGeminid in Ori/Tau
 m3862012.12.13.19:24 UTGEMGeminid in Orion
 m3852012.12.13.19:01 UTGEMLow and long geminid
 m3842012.12.13.17:30 UTGEMGeminid from Jupiter :)
 m3832012.12.13.02:34 UTGEM, SPOGeminid and sporadic
m3822012.12.13.02:00 UTCOMComae Berenicid fireball!
 m3812012.12.13.01:56 UTGEMGeminid in the head of Hya
m3802012.12.13.01:19 UTSPOA beautiful sporadic fireball!
 m3792012.12.13.00:28 UTSPOA bright SPO or ANT
 m3782012.12.12.00:24 UTSPONice SPO in LMi
 m3772012.12.12.00:23 UTGEMGeminid in LMi
 m3762012.12.12.23:42 UTGEMBright geminid in Taurus
 m3752012.12.12.23:14 UTGEMGeminid in Cnc
m3742012.12.12.22:59 UTGEMBright geminid near the radiant
m3732012.12.12.21:48 UTSPOA brilliant exploding meteor!
 m3722012.12.12.20:27 UTGEMGeminid in CMi
m3712012.12.12.20:22 UTGEMGeminid with fisheye
m3702012.12.12.20:07 UTGEMGeminid above γ Ogi
m3692012.12.12.19:42 UTMONMonocerotid in Orion
 m3682012.12.12.18:53 UTGEMGeminid beside Orion
m3672012.12.12.02:08 UTGEMGeminid beside 25 CVn
m3662012.12.12.01:26 UTGEMThe 2012 year Geminid!
 m3652012.12.12.00:59 UTANTANT beside CVn
m3642012.12.12.00:00 UTANTBright ANT at the border of Leo and Com
m3632012.11.10.01:05 UTSTANice Southern Taurid in Cnc
 m3622012.11.09.21:11 UTNTAHalf of a fantastic NTA fireball
 m3612012.11.09.21:11 UTNTANTA in Auriga
 m3602012.11.09.21:04 UTSTASTA near the radiant
 m3592012.11.03.17:10 UTSPOSporadic in Pegasus
 m3582012.10.21.20:42 UTNTA+0.5 magnitude Northern Taurid
 m3572012.10.20.23:11 UTORIOrionid in Lynx
 m3562012.10.20.21:40 UTORIOrionid near M45
 m3552012.10.20.20:16 UTSPOBright sporadic in Aur
 m3542012.10.20.02:11 UTORI-1 mag. Orionid in Ori
 m3532012.10.19.23:55 UTSPOHalf of a nice sporadic
 m3522012.10.19.23:53 UTORIFisheye Orionid
 m3512012.10.19.23:34 UTSPOSPO in Orion
m3502012.10.19.03:30 UTORINice Orionid in Leo
m3492012.10.19.03:00 UTSPOSporadic in Hya
m3482012.10.19.02:37 UTSPOSporadic in Monoceros
m3472012.10.19.02:34 UTLMIA nice Leo Minorid
m3462012.10.19.02:12 UTSPONice sporadic in Mon
m3452012.10.19.01:18 UTORIOrionid in Hya
m3442012.10.19.01:00 UTORIOrionid in Lynx
m3432012.10.19.00:19 UTORIOrionid near the radiant
m3422012.10.18.23:53 UTORIOrionida in city lights
m3412012.10.18.02:03 UTORIOrionid in Leo
m3402012.10.18.01:03 UTORIOrionid in Auriga
m3392012.10.18.00:19 UTEGE?EGE(?) in Gemini
m3382012.10.09.19:32 UTSPOSporadic in Perseus
m3372012.10.09.18:30 UTSPOSPO in Triangulum
m3362012.10.09.18:18 UTSPOSporadic on the border of And
 m3352012.10.06.18:07 UTDRADraconid in Her
 m3342012.10.06.18:03 UTSPOLong SPO in Hercules
m3332012.09.09.20:48 UTSPESPE under Aries
 m3322012.08.19.02:11 UTPER-3 magnitude perseid
 m3312012.08.18.22:07 UTPERPerseid under UMa
 m3302012.08.13.01:35 UTPER-1.5 magnitude perseid in Del
 m3292012.08.12.23:00 UTPER-4 magnitude persid fireball
 m3282012.08.13.01:30 UTPERAnother fast perseid in Peg
 m3272012.08.13.01:22 UTPER-0.5 magnitude perseid
 m3262012.08.13.01:06 UTPERVery close the radiant!
 m3252012.08.13.00:35 UTPERTrail of a -7 magnitude perseid
 m3242012.08.12.23:41 UTPER-2 magnitude perseid
 m3232012.08.12.23:41 UTPERPerseid near the radiant
 m3062012.08.10.00:36 UTSPOIt was a bright fireball
 m3222012.08.12.22:01 UTPERPerseid above UMi
 m3212012.08.12.21:48 UTPERPerseid in UMi
 m3202012.08.12.20:17 UTPERPerseid to the zenith
 m3192012.08.12.01:45 UTPER-3 magnitude perseid in Aur
 m3182012.08.11.23:58 UTPER-1 magnitude perseid with fisheye
 m3172012.08.12.02:10 UTPERPerseid in Taurus
 m3162012.08.12.01:53 UTPERPerseid beside β Ari
 m3152012.08.12.01:11 UTPER-1 magnitude perseid in Psc
 m3142012.08.12.00:42 UTPERPerseid again in Peg
 m3132012.08.12.00:03 UTPERJamaican perseid
 m3122012.08.11.23:26 UTPERAnother perseid in Pegasus
 m3112012.08.11.23:22 UTPERColorful perseid
 m3102012.08.11.22:53 UTPERPerseid in Andromeda
 m3092012.08.11.21:58 UTPERPart of a bright Perseid
 m3082012.08.11.21:22 UTPERPER in Andromeda
 m3072012.08.11.20:55 UTSPOBright SPO in Peg
 m3052012.08.11.02:39 UTSPOA bright sporadic
 m3042012.08.11.02:15 UTPERHalf of a fantastic PER fireball
 m3032012.08.10.00:36 UTPERNear to the radiadt
 m3022012.08.09.23:44 UTPERColorful PER in Camelopardalis
 m3012012.08.09.23:42 UTPERPerseid in UMi
 m3002012.08.09.22:48 UTPERPerseid beside Cassiopeia
 m2992012.08.09.22:00 UTPERPerseid near α Cas
 m2982012.08.09.21:35 UTPER-1 magnitude Perseid
 m2972012.08.09.21:14 UTPERPerseid near β And
 m2962012.08.09.23:01 UTPERFisheye Perseid
 m2952012.08.08.23:54 UTPERPerseid in Cepheus
 m2942012.08.08.23:50 UTPERPerseid in Draco
 m2932012.08.08.23:32 UTPERPerseid through clouds
 m2922012.08.08.22:50 UTKCG?A possible Kappa Cygnid
 m2912012.08.08.00:35 UTPERPerseid in Pegasus
 m2902012.08.07.21:30 UTPERPerseid in Draco
 m2892012.08.07.22:23 UTPER-0.5 mag. Perseid with fisheye
 m2882012.08.07.22:23 UTSPO-1 magnitude short sporadic
 m2872012.08.07.20:06 UTSPOSlow sporadic from south
 m2862012.08.07.20:06 UTSPOSPO near Cygnus
m2852012.08.06.23:10 UTPER-2 magnitude Perseid
m2842012.08.06.01:07 UTPERPerseid near the radiant
 m2832012.08.05.01:42 UTPERPER beside β Aur
 m2822012.08.05.01:21 UTPERShort PER near the radiant
 m2812012.08.05.01:11 UTPERPerseid in Auriga
m2802012.08.04.23:24 UTSDA-1.5 mag. SDA beside Cas
 m2792012.08.04.21:34 UTPERPER in the rectangle of UMi
 m2782012.08.04.20:49 UTPERPerseid beside θ Boo
m2772012.08.03.01:05 UTPER-0.5 magnitude Per in Ari
m2762012.08.02.01:22 UTPERPER near M45
m2752012.08.02.01:18 UTPERPER in Auriga
m2742012.08.01.01:45 UTPERPER beside &lamdba; Tau
m2732012.08.01.01:32 UTSPO-0 magnitude SPO in Ari
m2722012.08.01.00:32 UTSPOSPO in Perseus
m2712012.08.01.00:32 UTSDASDA in Peg
m2702012.08.01.00:22 UTSDASDA in Triangulum
m2692012.07.30.23:26 UTSPOSPO in Cas
m2682012.07.30.23:15 UTSDAA nice Delta Aquarid
 m2672012.07.30.01:51 UTSPOSPO in Perseus
 m2662012.07.30.01:48 UTPERFaint PER in Ari
 m2652012.07.30.01:38 UTPERNice PER near the radiant
 m2642012.07.30.01:28 UTPERPerseid near M45
m2632012.07.30.01:24 UTSPO-2 magnitude SPO in Per
 m2622012.07.30.00:55 UTPERPER near the radiant
 m2612012.07.30.00:48 UTPERA PER again
 m2602012.07.30.00:41 UTPERPER beside γ Ari
 m2592012.07.30.00:27 UTPERPER in Perseus
 m2582012.07.30.00:11 UTPERPER beside γ And
m2432012.07.18.22:13 UTSPOSPO in Peg
m2572012.07.29.01:11 UTCAPCAP in And/Per
m2562012.07.29.00:39 UTSPONice SPO in Peg
 m2552012.07.29.00:33 UTPERPER in Psc
m2542012.07.28.01:33 UTPERPER in Psc
m2532012.07.27.23:41 UTSDASDA in Psc again
 m2522012.07.27.23:35 UTCAPCapricornid with fisheye
 m2512012.07.22.22:52 UTSDASDA in Pisces
m2502012.07.27.22:14 UTSPOBrilliant -3 mag. SPO
 m2492012.07.27.21:59 UTSPO-1 magnitude SPO with fisheye
 m2482012.07.27.21:35 UTCAP-0 magnitude CAP in Peg
m2472012.07.26.00:01 UTPERPER in And
m2462012.07.25.21:19 UTCAPCapricornid in Cyg
m2452012.07.19.21:38 UTSPOSPO beside the clouds
m2442012.07.19.01:05 UTCAP?Strange blue meteor
m2422012.07.18.21:54 UTSPONice SPO in Lac
m2412012.07.17.01:21 UTANTANT again in Pegasus
m2402012.07.17.00:45 UTANTANT in Peg
m2392012.07.17.00:39 UTSPOFlashing SPO in Psc
m2382012.07.16.23:49 UTSPOSPO beside M31
m2372012.07.16.23:41 UTSPO0 mag. SPO in And
m2362012.07.15.22:52 UTSPOSPO beside ζ Cyg
 m2352012.07.11.21:23 UTSPOSPO under Del
 m2342012.07.11.21:02 UTCAPCAP in Del
m2332012.07.10.21:11 UTSPOFirst part of a bright SPO in Cyg
m2322012.07.08.20:59 UTCAPCapricornid in Cyg
m2312012.07.01.23:36 UTSPOFast SPO in Peg
 m2302012.07.01.00:51 UTSPONice SPO in Aqr
 m2292012.07.01.00:28 UTSPOSPO beside ε Peg
 m2282012.07.01.00:19 UTSPOAnd again in Peg
 m2272012.06.30.23:41 UTSPOSPO near Del
 m2262012.06.30.00:52 UTSPO-0.5 magnitude SPO with fisheye
m2252012.06.29.23:03 UTSPOSPO in Peg
m2242012.06.29.22:07 UTSPOA -2 magnitude long and slow meteor!
m2232012.06.29.01:27 UTSPO-0.5 mag. SPO on dawning sky
 m2222012.06.27.22:46 UTSPOLong and bright SPO in UMa
m2212012.06.27.22:39 UTSPO-0.5 magnitude SPO in Dra
m2202012.06.26.20:52 UTSPOSPO in Cyg
m2192012.06.25.23:12 UTSPOSPO in Peg
 m2182012.06.24.00:33 UTSPO-0 magnitude meteor in UMa
 m2172012.06.23.23:38 UTJBO?Maybe a JBO...
 m2162012.06.23.23:23 UTSPOFaint meteor in Aql
 m2152012.06.23.21:53 UTSPOExtreme long sporadic
m2142012.06.20.00:23 UTSPO0 magnitude SPO through clouds
m2132012.06.19.23:08 UTSPOLong SPO on the summer sky
m2122012.06.19.22:49 UTSPONice -0.5 magnitude SPO
m2112012.06.18.23:30 UTSPOBrilliant -1 magnitude SPO
m2102012.06.18.23:08 UTANTLong ANT in Cyg
m2092012.06.18.22:53 UTSPOFlashing SPO below Del
m2082012.06.18.00:33 UTSPOFaint SPO in Aql
m2072012.06.18.00:04 UTSPOSPO between satellites
m2062012.06.17.23:56 UTSPO-1.5 mag. SPO in Sge
m2052012.06.17.23:23 UTSPOSporadic above Delphinus
m2042012.06.17.01:16 UTSPOSPO in Aqr
m2032012.06.17.00:39 UTSPOSPO in Aql
m2022012.06.17.00:04 UTSPOSporadic near Altair
 m2012012.06.15.23:19 UTSPO-0.5 mag. SPO beseide the head of Dra
m2002012.06.16.23:10 UT2xSPO2 sporadic meteor at the same time
m1992012.06.16.23:04 UTSPOSPO beside ε Aql
 m1982012.06.16. UTECG?From ε Cyg again???
m1972012.06.15.23:33 UTSPO-2 magnitude SPO in Peg
m1962012.06.14.21:26 UTSPOSporadic in Vul
m1952012.06.12.22:12 UTSPOSPO on the border of Vul/Sge
m1942012.06.12.21:56 UTSPOHello 23 Cygni! :)
 m1932012.06.08.22:27 UTSPOSPO in UMi
 m1922012.06.06.01:14 UTSPOSPO near M31 again
m1912012.06.06.01:08 UTSPOBright, flashing sporadic meteor
 m1902012.06.05.23:58 UTSPOSlow sporadiv near M31
m1892012.05.30.00:37 UTSPO-1.5 magnitude SPO in Peg
 m1882012.05.28.00:28 UTSPOShort meteor in Her
 m1872012.05.27.22:40 UTSPOAnd again beside ε Oph
m1862012.05.27.21:20 UTSPOSparadic beside ε Oph
 m1852012.05.27.00:27 UTSPOSporadic in Sgr
m1842012.05.26.22:16 UTSPOAnother SPO in Oph
m1832012.05.26.22:04 UTSPOSporadic in Oph
 m1822012.05.20.01:19 UTETABeautiful ETA in Aql
 m1812012.05.19.22:10 UTSPO-0.5 magnitude SPO with fisheye
 m1802012.05.19.20:54 UTSPOMultiple flashing fireball
 m1792012.05.19.01:21 UTSPOShort fireball in Cep
m1782012.05.19.00:25 UTSPOBright SPO with vapored objective
 m1772012.05.18.21:47 UTSPOBright SPO in Oph
m1762012.05.18.01:33 UTSPOFaint meteor on frontier of Peg/And
m1752012.05.11.01:31 UTELYFaint ELY beside alpha; Cyg
m1742012.05.10.23:21 UTSPO0.5 mag. SPO beside α Oph
m1732012.05.10.00:51 UTSPOSPO beside Del
m1722012.05.10.00:25 UTANTANT beside Del
m1712012.05.08.20:47 UTANTANT beside CrB
m1702012.05.06.02:29 UTETABright ETA beside Cyg
m1692012.05.06.02:16 UTSPOSporadic near ε Cyg
 m1682012.05.06.01:51 UTETAAnother fisheye ETA
m1672012.05.06.01:31 UTETA-1 magnitude ETA in Cep
m1662012.05.06.01:08 UTETAETA in Dra
m1652012.05.06.00:57 UTETAETA on the other side of Lyr
m1642012.05.06.00:48 UTETAÉta Aquarid beside Lyra
m1632012.05.05.02:14 UTETA0.5 magnitude ETA in And
m1622012.05.05.00:09 UTSPO-6 magnitude fireball!
 m1612012.04.30.00:25 UTSPOColorful sporadic near δ Aql
 m1602012.04.29.23:36 UTSPOSporadic beside κ Oph
 m1592012.04.22.02:28 UTLYRBright lyrid in And
 m1582012.04.21.22:41 UTLYRLyrid in Aql
m1572012.04.22.02:27 UTLYRBeautiful lyrid fireball
m1562012.04.22.01:51 UTLYRLyrid fireball near the horizon
 m1552012.04.22.01:50 UTLYRAnother lyrid in Aql
 m1542012.04.22.01:27 UTLYRAnother fisheye lyrid
 m1532012.04.22.01:09 UTLYRLyrid in Peg
 m1522012.04.22.00:18 UTLYRNice lyrid near radiant
 m1512012.04.21.23:57 UTLYRBright lyrid in Dra
 m1502012.04.21.23:55 UTLYRLyrid near the radiant
 m1492012.04.21.22:56 UTANT-4 mag. ANT fireball
 m1482012.04.21.02:22 UTLYRLyrid in Oph
 m1472012.04.21.01:50 UTLYRLyrid above Cep
 m1462012.04.21.01:28 UTLYRLyrid in Cepheus
m1452012.04.21.01:04 UTLYR-1.5 magnitude Lyrid in Cyg
 m1442012.04.21.00:35 UTLYRLyrid in the Cep again
 m1432012.03.20.23:49 UTLYRFaint lyrid in Cep
 m1422012.04.20.00:50 UTLYRLyrid beside Altair
m1412012.03.29.02:22 UTSPOSPO beside μ Her
m1402012.03.29.00:01 UTANT-1.5 magnitude, long ANT
m1392012.03.28.23:24 UTSPOSporadic beside β Boo
m1382012.03.27.21:06 UTSPOSPO in CVn
m1372012.03.22.03:19 UTSPOSporadic below Cyg
m1362012.03.22.02:36 UTSPOVery long sporadic
m1352012.03.21.01:22 UTSPO0 magnitude SPO in Her
m1342012.03.21.00:28 UTSPOBright sporadic in Her
m1332012.03.19.03:22 UTSPOSPO on the border of Cyg and Cep
 m1322012.03.18.03:37 UTSPOSPO beside ζ Cep
 m1312012.03.18.02:00 UTSPOSPO between α and γ Cyg
m1302012.03.18.01:46 UTSPOBright SPO with faint trail
m1292012.03.17.20:42 UTSPOSporadic on the border of CVn and UMa
 m1282012.03.17.02:45 UTSPOSporadic near α Cep
 m1272012.03.17.02:37 UTSPOBright fireball(?) beside UMi
 m1262012.03.17.02:24 UTSPOSlow SPO in Cyg
 m1252012.03.16.19:57 UTSPOSlow sporadin in Ori
m1242012.03.16.19:08 UTSPOSporadic above CMi
m1232012.03.16.01:03 UTANTANT beside CrB
m1222012.03.15.23:17 UTSPOA very long meteor
 m1212012.03.15.20:55 UTSPOSporadic in Leo
 m1202012.03.15.20:26 UTSPO-0.5 magnitude SPO in Leo
m1192012.03.14.23:52 UTSPO-0.5 magnitude SPO in Her
m1182012.03.13.23:55 UTSPO0 mag. SPO beside CrB
m1172012.03.13.23:36 UTSPO-2.6 magnitude meteor beside CrB
m1162012.03.13.20:13 UTSPOSporadic in Leo, near Mars
 m1152012.03.10.19:47 UTSPOFaint sporadic above the Hya head
 m1142012.03.10.18:31 UTSPOBright sporadic in Eri
m1132012.03.10.02:57 UTANTSPO in the rectangle of the Lyr
m1122012.03.07.04:00 UTSPOSporadic beside γ Cyg
m1112012.03.04.02:55 UTSPOBright satellite, faint meteor
 m1102012.03.04.02:09 UTSPOSPO in Cepheus
 m1092012.03.04.01:54 UTSPOSporadic near the head of Draco - (X+1)
 m1082012.03.03.02:26 UTSPOSporadic near the head of Draco - again
m1072012.02.29.22:14 UTSPOBright sporadic in CVn
m1062012.02.26.20:12 UTSPOBright meteor + plane
m1052012.02.26.19:43 UTSPOSporadic on the border of Leo/Vir
m1042012.02.25.22:08 UTSPOSporadic behind the clouds
m1032012.02.25.02:56 UTSPOFast sporadic in Bootes
m1022012.02.24.21:15 UTSPOFirst part of a bright meteor
m1012012.02.23.04:08 UTSPOSporadic in Oph
m1002012.02.23.04:04 UTSPOFaint sporadic in Cyg
m0992012.02.23.03:00 UTSPOSporadic in Cyg/Dra border
m0982012.02.22.00:22 UTSPOSporadic beside β Boo
m0972012.02.21.22:42 UTSPOSporadic beside λ Boo
m0962012.02.20.23:52 UTSPOSporadic beside α Com
m0952012.02.20.23:19 UTSPOShort sporadic in Boo
m0942012.02.18.22:08 UTSPOFaint sporadic in LMi
m0932012.02.16.04:30 UTSPOFaint sporadic in Vul
m0922012.02.15.21:09 UTSPOA half sporadic
m0912012.02.02.03:59 UTSPOSporadic near κ Oph
m0902012.01.31.04:56 UTSPOSporadic near ο Her
m0892012.01.31.03:05 UTSPOSPO in Dra/Lyr frontier
m0882012.01.30.04:12 UTSPO-1 magnitude SPO beside Draco
m0872012.01.28.03:58 UTSPOSlow ANT in the Serpent
 m0862012.01.28.02:55 UTSPOSporadic near τVir
m0852012.01.27.06:01 UTSPO0 mg sporadic beside Lyra
m0842012.01.27.04:32 UTSPOSlow SPO beside CrB
m0832012.01.27.04:25 UTSPOSPO in Corona Borealis
m0822012.01.27.03:37 UTSPOSPO in constellation Hercules
m0812012.01.25.21:28 UTSPOSporadic beside Beta UMa
m0802012.01.24.21:14 UTSPOSporadic in Cnc
m0792012.01.24.20:37 UTSPOSporadic meteor in Gem
m0782012.01.23.04:53 UTSPOSporadiv beside Beta Her
m0772012.01.23.04:17:05 UTSPONice sporadic in Her
m0762012.01.23.04:08 UTSPOAgain a SPO in Ser
m0752012.01.23.04:06 UTSPOSPO again in the Serpens
m0742012.01.23.03:16 UTSPOAnother sporadic in Ser
m0732012.01.23.02:59:00 UTSPOSporadic near Iota CrB
m0722012.01.23.02:48 UTANTOther ANT in Her
m0712012.01.23.02:37 UTSPOSporadic in Boo
m0702012.01.23.02:23 UTSPOSporadic near the head of Ser
m0692012.01.23.02:23 UTANTANT in the Her
m0682012.01.20.21:41 UTSPOSporadic in Leo
 m0672012.01.20.20:33 UTRGERho Geminid near M48!
m0662012.01.18.22:28 UTSPOLong sporadic from CVn to Com
m0652012.01.18.21:19 UTSPOSporadic on the frontier of Leo and Cnc
 m0642012.01.15.05:04 UTSPOSporadic meteor in UMa
 m0632012.01.15.04:49 UTXCB(?)XCB(?) near the head of the Draco
 m0622012.01.15.04:37 UTSPOSporadic in Draco
 m0612012.01.14.19:32 UTSPOSporadic in Ori
m0602012.01.12.18:09 UTSPOSporadic meteor in Tau
 m0592012.01.07.04:40 UTQUALate Quadrantid in Her
m0582012.01.06.05:17 UTSPOSporadic in Her
m0572012.01.06.05:09 UTQUAQuadrantid below Lyr
m0562012.01.06.04:10 UTCOM(?)COM(?) in Her
 m0552012.01.02.03:31 UTSPOThe New Year 2012 Meteor: Sporadic in Vir
 m0542011.12.31.04:46 UTSPOSporadic in Vir
 m0532011.12.31.04:24 UT2x SPOTwo sporadic in the Ser
 m0522011.12.31.03:03 UTSPOSporadic in Boo
 m0512011.12.25.17:32 UTSPOAnother sporadic in Dra
 m0502011.12.25.05:06 UTSPOSporadic near the head of Draco
 m0492011.12.25.04:59 UTSPOSporadic in Dra
 m0482011.12.25.04:43 UTURSBright ursid in Cep
 m0472011.12.25.03:35 UTSPOSporadic in Vir
m0462011.12.22.22:41 UTURSUrsid in UMa
m0452011.12.22.22:37 UTURSBright ursida in the Leo
 m0442011.12.18.03:27 UTSPOSporadic in UMa
 m0432011.12.14.19:19 UTGEMGeminid in Aur
 m0422011.12.14.18:59 UTGEMBright geminid in Cam
 m0412011.12.14.18:52 UTGEMGeminid near Polaris
 m0402011.12.14.18:49 UTGEMGeminid in Ori
 m0392011.12.14.18:28 UTGEMGeminid near the radiant
 m0382011.12.14.02:46 UTSPOSporadic meteor in Boo
 m0372011.12.14.02:44 UTGEMFaint geminid in Boo
 m0362011.12.14.02:26 UTSPOSporadic in Com
 m0352011.12.14.02:11 UTGEMFaint geminid in Vir
 m0342011.12.14.02:11 UTGEMAnother geminid in Vir
 m0332011.12.14.01:56 UTGEMGeminid in Vir
 m0322011.12.14.01:18 UTGEMGeminid on the frontier of Leo and Com
 m0312011.12.14.01:12 UTGEMTwo geminids on a single shot
 m0302011.12.14.01:12 UTGEMGeminid on the frontier of Leo and Vir
 m0292011.12.14.00:58 UTGEMGeminid somewhere in Hya
 m0282011.12.14.00:57 UTGEM-1 magnitude geminid in Leo
 m0272011.12.14.00:38 UTGEMGeminid near Eta Leonis
 m0262011.12.14.00:34 UTGEMGeminid in UMa
 m0252011.12.14.00:33 UTGEMGeminid in CVn
 m0242011.12.14.00:32 UTGEMAnother geminid in Leo
 m0232011.12.14.00:28 UTGEMGeminid in Leo
 m0222011.12.14.00:15 UTGEMFaint geminid in Leo
 m0212011.12.14.00:07 UTGEMFaint geminid
 m0202011.12.13.23:32 UTGEMGeminid in the frontier of Ori and Tau
 m0192011.12.13.23:25 UTGEMGeminid in Tau
 m0182011.12.13.22:25 UTGEMGeminid in UMa
 m0172011.12.13.22:16 UTGEMGeminid in the frontier of UMa and Leo
 m0162011.12.13.22:03 UTGEMGeminid in Leo
 m0152011.12.13.20:56 UTGEMGeminid in Cetus
 m0142011.12.08.21:23 UTGEMGeminid in Ursa Maior
 m0132011.11.12.20:38 UTTAUFaint taurid in Cep
 m0112011.10.21.22:55 UTSPOSporadic in Lep
 m0102011.10.21.22:18 UTSPOSporadic in Per
 m0092011.10.21.21:59 UTNTANorthern taurid in Tau
 m0082011.10.21.19:39 UTSPOSporadic in Ari
 m0122011.11.06.03:07 UTNTAFaint northern taurid in UMa
 m0072011.10.08.21:44 UTDRADraconid above Altair
 m0062011.10.08.21:27 UTDRADraconid in Aur
 m0052011.10.08.20:57 UTDRAAnother Draconid in Her
 m0042011.10.08.19:58 UTDRAFaint Draconid in UMi
 m0032011.10.08.19:47 UTDRADraconid in Her
 m0022011.10.02.02:38 UTSPOSporadic in Lep
 m0012011.10.02.02:19 UTSPOMy first meteor photo, a sporadic!