Pető Zsolt's meteor blog
Active showers (2018.06.23.)
Northern June Aquilids (NZC)
Activity: 06.10.* - 06.24.*
Maximum: 06.17. (298°,-7°)
ZHR: <2
v = 36 km/s
June Bootids (JBO)
Activity: 06.22. - 07.02.
Maximum: 06.27. (224°,48°)
ZHR: Var
v = 18 km/s
Epsilon Perseids (EPR)
Activity: 06.20.* - 07.04.*
Maximum: 06.27. (58°,38°)
ZHR: ?
v = 45 km/s
Possible showers (2018.06.23.)
Southern Sigma Sagittarids (SSS)
Maximum: 06.18. (279°,-25°)
v = 29 km/s
Delta Piscidák (DPI)
Maximum: 06.23. (11°,6°)
v = 70 km/s
Northern Sigma Sagittarids (NSS)
Maximum: 06.24. (293°,-14°)
v = 23 km/s
Zeta Eridanidák (ZER)
Maximum: 06.25. (51°,-4°)
v = 51 km/s
Kappa Cetids (KCT)
Maximum: 06.26. (51°,5°)
v = 29 km/s
Scutids (SCU)
Maximum: 06.27. (282°,1°)
v = 19 km/s
Pi Cetids (CET)
Maximum: 06.27. (24°,-12°)
v = 67 km/s
Tau Aquariids (TAQ)
Maximum: 06.29. (340°,-12°)
v = 64 km/s

My name's Pető Zsolt, I was born in 1976. I work as math and informatic teacher and software developer. I'm interesting about astronomy since my child age and since then I tried out almost every part of amateur astronomy. Actually my favourite parts are theoretical physics, cosmology and meteor astronomy and it's not question: if observations then observing meteors.

My first observations were made in 1992 and til 1995 I could make observations frequently. This period gave me real experience about meteor showers, activity profiles and observing technics.

Since 1996 I didn't make "real" observations, my activity was only "looking around".

One of my dreams was when I made observations to take a photograph of a meteor. I made tons of long exposure shots around 1995 with my film camera, but I had no luck to catch any. In 2011 september I bought a DSLR camera, and it was obvious to turn it to the sky. And finally the dream came true!!! A nice Orionid was photographed at dawn of 02/10/2011. Since then I do observations again... This site is the summary of my newest observations.